Database problem? - only entries back to May 2022 found

sorry, this seems to be a very special one.

When I do searches (tried it with Financial > Entries > Account moves, Sales > Reporting > Sales (per procuct) and Products > Reporting > Margins), only entries after ~3th of May 2022 are respected. When I extend the search period earlier, results do not change allthough I have entries before that date.

This does not happen in Sales > All - here I get all the entries.

v 6.6 (present in 6.4 as well)
I recently did a sync in Administration > Models > Models > Data, but that problem occurred before. Is there some other database maintenance I should do?


Both reportings are not based on the accounting moves but on sales and stock moves. So nothing can be deduced from your statement.

Normally such reports required to have a valid exchange rate for the sale date, so probably you are missing exchange rates before the named date.

Thank you for your attention.
Indeed, I had no exchange rates before roughly that date. But I did not do any transactions in foreign currency with the products I tested.

To play safe, I added exchange rates at 2020-01-01 - would that include the following period of time and make sure that exchange rates are not the problem?

The important part is that you have an exchange rate of 1 for the company currency in a date before the first sale.

Other exchange rates are only needed if you are doing transactions in foreign currencies.

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Magician you are. You hit the point - right in the middle. Setting exchange for EUR to “1” fixed it.

But sorry - At this point I cannot but ask the question:
Does it make sense that I need to set an exchange rate of ‘1’ for my own currency? - Does any scenario exist where I would trade in my own currency with a discount or surcharge? - I cannot think of one - and ask myself whether it wouldn’t be better to hard-code user’s own currency?

In case there are such scenarios - don’t waste your time with explaining to me, I fully trust you.


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