Data import - articles - error message

I tried to create the simplest possible articles file:


(name, list price, standard unit)

I ever get this error message:

I’m no longer really certain that the user is the problem. Is a bug in the range of possible?

The same happens, when i change the mini list and the UI into english:

Name,Type,List Price,Default UOM

The error message is identical.

For me, the data are correct. So it is probably because there is an empty line.

Actually, there is an empty line at the end of the file.
But to delete it does not make any difference.

I tested your example on and it works. So it is definitely the last line on the line.
Please makes sure you really delete the last line, some editors sucks at adding one anyway.
I filled Issue 9352: Strip empty lines from CSV import - Tryton issue tracker improved experience.

This is an example from dolibarr. I do not so much like to sort the entries with the mouse, but that’s a design detail.

I’d like to emphasize the importance of CSV, not only at the very beginning. Not everyone can learn a programming language like proteus, and a well-designed CSV import/export feature is an easy way to communicate with the rest of the world.
In my little world, I think about creating shipment labels. Programming an API to the service provider is good, but will at least cost several 100€s… In my case, it would take decades to pay back, because I do not send several parcels every day. But the service provider offers a CSV import feature.