Customer account statement - info for customer

It is customary to confirm the invoices/payments of a customer/supplier periodically, or in case for example the customer has not registered an invoice and has the wrong balance, then it is useful to send an extract/report from the customer account that shows all the moves to the customer account.

Many people call this payable/receivable account statement, but this should not be confused with a bank account statement, which is what it would refer to in Tryton.

I suspect it can be solved with some account analytic module.

I would like to ask how to do this in Tryton.

In tryton we use the statement module for encoding bank accounts moves and reconcile them with invoices.

We also have several modules that import the bank information based on standard format. For example, there is the SEPA format for all european countries.

I explain such feature in a talk in Spanish days. The video is recorded but only in Spanish.

IIUC what you name the "Party Account Statement* could be the payable/receivable report for a party. You’ll find it by selecting a party, enter Open related Records and choose Payable/Receivable Lines. In the resulting table choose tab All, remove the Reconciliation: = from Filters and activate button Reload/Undo the results. E.g.:;domain=[[“OR”%2C[“account.type.receivable”%2C"%3D"%2Ctrue]%2C[“account.type.payable”%2C"%3D"%2Ctrue]]%2C[“party”%2C"%3D"%2C2]%2C[“company”%2C"%3D"%2C1]]&name=“Payable%2FReceivable%20Lines%20(Albright%20Memorial%20Library)”&tab_domain=[[“Payable”%2C[[“account.type.payable”%2C"%3D"%2Ctrue]]%2Cfalse]%2C[“Receivable”%2C[[“account.type.receivable”%2C"%3D"%2Ctrue]]%2Cfalse]%2C[“All”%2C[]%2Cfalse]]&views=[243]

Also have a look at Open related Records and choose Account.

The analytic modules are used for collecting costs and profits in parallel in a separate chart of accounts which collects business related information.

There is also the “Aged Balance” report which can be used to find parties.
By the way we could Add relate from Aged Balance to Payable/Receivable lines (#12088) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

About the statement indeed it may be useful to have a report to print. But I’m wondering if it is not actually the job of the Account Dunning Module.

It becomes quite useful when also showing column Move Origin and sorting by reconciliation in order to have the invoices paired up with the payments. For communicating this to the customer, in order to help the customer figure out what is going on two things are missing here: a report to create a pdf file, and the customer balance, but it is not the right place to show the customer balance.

It is really useful to double click the account and you are taken to general ledger lines associated with the customer. But again there is no report, and while we can see the balance here, I can not see the description/origin of the line, such as payment/invoice nr x, etc. Also I can not see the associated accounts for each transaction. I wonder why the description/origin fields are empty for me in general ledger, I should investigate.

Yes, this will help me find parties who have a balance and make it easy to see how late they are with their payments. But from what I can tell it does nothing to communicate the invoice/payment history with the customer. While it is useful to have a relate to payable/receivable lines it does not solve the issue at hand.

I have not used the Dunning modules, but I tested it. From what I can tell a Dunning is for a particular line, because the line is obligatory in Financial / Dunnings. What I need to do is to communicate the whole history of invoices/payments/balance for a particular customer and period.

This is the way the local accounting program does it. 4111.00304 is a sort of analytic account, and it makes a report of that analytic account.

Added with Show cumulative balance to payable/receivable lines (#11994) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

I think this is not enought. It will be great to have a report for it so it can be sent to other party in a printable format.


IIUC you are looking for a report of all account move lines with a receivable/payable account for a particular party and period. Higher level objects like Invoice or payment are origins of move lines.
I highly recommend to base this report on account move line level, because it will also be usable with pure financial accounting without invoice.

This kind of analytic account for each customer/supplier is only needed when the party is not a unique identifier in the system. I have seen this, - IMHO old, - design comes from starting a simple ledger software which doesn’t know about customer, supplier, parties at all. Over time this software grows to a factura, where invoices and parties are needed.
But you could simulate the analytic account number by the account number + party code in Tryton.

In Tryton the payable and receivable accounts having a party required flag set. To create an account move line with these accounts a party is required. So you immediately choose the correct party for each move line.

To refine the above report idea: we could filter the account move line report by one party, period and none, one or more accounts with party required flag. With this report we can catch any move line where a specific party is related. The account name could give information about the relation of the party: wages, salaries, receivable, payable, bank payments, cash payments, rents, …
For every (filterd) account a total is calculated and a total balance for all accounts.