Custom modules names

Hi everyone,

I have seen that Tryton modules have the prefix trytond_ as names. In your opinion, what is the correct way to name custom modules? Are there any criteria or norms for this?

Thank you.

Normally trytond is the reserved prefix for foundation modules.

For custom modules use your company or project name as prefix for the module.

As additional advice maybe you can share what is your custom module about, so many times is not a custom needed else a standard needed Tryton still not has. In this case, is a good opportunity to develop/propose the module as a module for the foundation.

To be precise, it is the prefix of the package name not the module name.
We advise to not use prefix for module name, especially if you plan to merge/contribute the module later to the project.

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Thank you. I responded the question thinking in package but writing module.

Sorry for this mismatch.

We will develop a solution for condo mangement based on tryton, we will call it ‘domum’, so some modules will be, domum.unit, domum.unit.owner, etc.

If somebody is interested in,I will soon put a link in here.

Thank you for your advices.