Custom fields in Party Address not show

Hi everyone,
I created a custom module to insert some fields into the Tryton address core module.
I can see the custom fields in Party/Address but they don’t appear in the General/Addresses page of the party module…
Where am I wrong?

Party/Address points to view address_view_form_simple and address_view_tree_sequence which seams the ones you changed.
But Addresses points to address_view_tree and address_view_form views, which you should also change.

I have the problem with Party/Address.
the xml file is:


        <record model="ir.ui.view" id="address_view_form_simple_v2">
            <field name="model">party.address</field>
            <field name="inherit" ref="party.address_view_form_simple"/>
            <field name="name">party_address_form</field>
        <record model="ir.ui.view" id="address_view_tree_sequence_v2">
            <field name="model">party.address</field>
            <field name="inherit" ref="party.address_view_tree_sequence"/>
            <field name="name">party_address_list</field>


and the view form is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <xpath expr="/form/field[@name='subdivision']" position="after">
        <label name="province"/>
        <field name="province"/>
        <label name="latitude"/>
        <field name="latitude"/>
        <label name="longitude"/>
        <field name="longitude"/>

I can’t see the fields…

Is the inherit part correct?

The inherit is correct as long as the view you try to open uses this view. For me the one’s you provide should be visible inside a party form, in the general tab.

Did you register the xml file on the tryton.cfg file?
Did you updated your database to populate the changes?
Did you run the tests command?