Currency symbol, change positioning order in reports

In the reports (such as an invoice for example) I get the amounts as follows: €11.00.
Is there a way to configure the report so that it appears in the amounts in this other way: €11.00.

The position of the currency is defined in the language.

What I see within the language and in the currency part is this: [3, 3, 0]
The truth is that I don’t know what it means.

Probably because you did not define any language for the customer and the report is rendered using the customer language.
In english, the currency symbol it is shown in front of the amount.
If you switch the customer language into your language the symbol will be probably rendered on the right place.

Note that there is a configuration value to define the language for newly created parties.

The fields that define the position are “Positive Currency Symbol Precedes” and “Negative Currency Symbol Precedes”.

@ced I have those two fields disabled.

I understand it should exit to the right.

You see, within the program they come out correct. Where they go wrong is only in the report.

Then it is not this language that is used for the report.

@pokoli, it’s not that.
The client has Spanish specified, but I still get the report wrong.

And how do you know that?
Where can I look at that?

After changing the currency symbol twice, it worked the second time.
I don’t know the reason but that’s how it is.
Now I have it like I did at the beginning and now it does it correctly.

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