Currency and country modules installed but no lists available

Install: trytond 6.4.13, Ubuntu 22.04 venv, sao-6.4.13
I installed with Module Lists from here TrytonDACH / Tryton installation and maintainance scripts for pip · GitLab and selected a SKR03 accounting environment which I think fits our startup properly since it’s process oriented.

Here is my problem: the modules currency and country are installed but there are no lists to select from. When I try to import the lists I get the message: “proteus mut be installed to use trytond_import_countries”.

The forum has one discussion about this problem here Proteus and trytond_import_countries. How to install? but the accepted solution didn’t work for me.

Since the post is from 2020 I was hoping that in the meantime there is a better solution to this problem.

This is documented on Setup — trytond_country 6.4 documentation

PS: 6.4 series is almost no more maintained, just one more bugfix release and it is done.

I found that documentation, but as I said above, when I enter the command
trytond_import_countries -c trytond.conf -d

I get "proteus must be installed to use trytond_import_countries”
The same is true for the currency module (which is also documented).

The Ubuntu package tryton-proteus is installed.

You must install proteus from the same series 6.4.

I activated the virtual environment and used ‘pip install proteus’ . Now I seem to be able to import the lists with tytond_import_country -c ‘your conf file’ -d ‘your database’

It is a python package like the other trytond packages. So you should install it like you installed the others.

ok, thanks I figured it out and edited my question above. Thanks for your patience.

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