Csv import seems to now need numeric values in both debit and credit fields

(Richard PALO) #1

up until this month, when importing payroll we’ve been able to use lines/debit and lines/credit
with only a single value specified, the other empty.
Seems now csv import needs to have a 0 (zéro) place into the empty cell in order to successfully import,
which is a PITA. Anybody else notice this and have a patch?
BTW python 3.7.3

(Sergi Almacellas Abellana) #2

Which tryton version are you using? Did you update to the new 5.2 series recently?

(Richard PALO) #3

No, still 5.0… it’ll be a while (a week or two at best) prior to preparing the migration to 5.2.