Crowd-funding campaign

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Thanks everyone for the feedback :ok_hand:
Here is the first campaign: Tryton: creation helper


If only all voters just put 300€, the campaign will be secured.

It left only 24 hours to fund the campaign and get the creation helper on the next release.

Hi All,

If i contribute to the campaign, i can get an invoice ?

Sorry it’s the first time :slight_smile:

No we do not emit invoices because it is a donation-basedcrowdfunding so no VAT applies but we can send receipt letters on demand if the campaign succeed.

Do you know How it works for a french company ? tomorrow i’ll contact my accountant to check that i will not do a mistake :confused:

Normally, it should be booked as investment.

IIUC the referenced paper is just a discussion template. There are no discussion results included. I don’t know that it would be an EU law or the law of any of its member countries. In future it may be handled as donation-based-crowd-funding without VAT by the tax authorities, but for now IMHO we must stay on what we have: Invoicing.

This is not the advise of our accountant.

Anyway the campaign is now finished and did not reach the fixed goal… :frowning:

As you have seen the campaign is closed and it reached only 42%. So the creation helper will not be developed for the next release nor any other propose topic.

We are disappointed by the failure and the amount collected. This amount (850€) does not even cover the effort spent by B2CK to make a single major release of Tryton. (For the record in 2018, B2CK spent more than 320 hours of volunteer work for Tryton (without counting personal time)). We are also disappointed by the number of contributors because it does not represent even 1% of the estimated users.

We think that a project like Tryton need to constantly evolve and improve if we want it to keep existing users and attract new ones. Unfortunately such investment does not seem to be possible using crowd-funding even if the topic is chosen by the community.
If the investment can not come at least partially from the community but relies mainly on B2CK’s direct customers, this can be a threat to the well-being of community.

We hope the community will find a way to secure the improvements of the project for the future.


From our point of view we try to contribute as much as possible by spending time on the project, providing new features and fixing existing issues. Having said that, we expected that the Finalize Multicompany campaing where published and we planned to donate on it, that was one reason to do not donate on the current campaign.

I always thought that a yearly recurrent donation for all service providers will be a good improvement on this way. This will allow to spend this money on the recurring expenses of the foundation and to secure a fixed amount that can be used for fund crowdfunding campaigns.


I support the idea yearly recurring donation and we would definitely contribute.
Of course, as in every cooperative, there would be challenges and discussions about the amounts and forms of the contributions and how they are used, natural for a cooperative, but these can be solved.

Anyone is free to donate the amount it prefers and the frequence it prefers. Everything is explained on the donation page. If you use the credit card option it is possible to setup a yearly or monthly donation.

Do we have a current list of features wanted, but waiting to be developed?

The features and wishes sections on are probably closest to what you are looking for.

@ced, The post where you mention the number of hours spent by B2CK (excl. personal time) encourages donating for me, however it is not very explicit, especially on the donation page.

For me fund-raising campaigns, for ex. OpenBSD fund-raising campaign 2020, or the Wikipedia fund-raising campaigns motivate donating.

These (sometimes) contain two pieces of info: The target (how much money is needed in order to carry out the annual plan) and what will be done with this money(the annual plan): for ex. x EUR electricity+internet for own servers, x EUR VPS, x hours of work-time, etc. Also perhaps mention for example that if half of the users donate x EUR then the goal will be met.

Frankly the amounts donated on the donation page are disappointing.

Perhaps have a modest goal for 2021, and increase it based on the success (or lack of) for 2022.

That’s a task for the Foundation board.
This topic was related to a B2CK proposal for a crowd-funded development (not related with the Foundation nor the donations). But now at B2CK we are done with this way. We focus on developing for our customers (which we sometimes succeed to group together on common needs).