Cron to delete empty web_shop sales

Hi there,
With some shops with web_shop module in production,
we find some carts left with 0 sale lines,
We only create the cart (tryton get_sale) if the user adds a item to cart, but some users remove the sale line from the cart and left the web producting to us a Sale List with some annoying empty carts.
Do you consider interesting to add a cron which deletes sales with 0 lines with party == web_shop.guest_party and write_date older than X?

If you are talking about web_shop_vue_storefront, I do not think it is right to delete such order because the user may still have the cart id and may try to fill it later.
So maybe it will be better to cancel them and be sure to reset to draft if it is used again.


I was talking about web_shop, because we use it with flask_tryton. We store in the client session the sale.web_id which after reviewing a bit the web_shop_vue_storefront module have a similar behaviour.

So for me the cancel cron must be in web_shop. And web_shop_vue_storefront must search for cancel state on sale.search_vsf() and don’t know where but set it to draft.