[critical] worker timeout

Good morning,
Since switching to version 7, when I have to print more than 10 invoices at once the process crashes with this single message in the logs:


The process worked perfectly in previous versions and I can’t find how to increase this timeout.

Thank you in advance for your feedback


Good morning,
it seems you have the workers activated in the trytond.conf file. Did you also start at least one trytond-worker service?


In my configuration file I specified:


But actually I have this line in the logs after restarting the server:

[INFO] Using worker: sync

What happens when you remove the complete section (the default of worker is False)?

Basically there was nothing in this section, I tried a bit of everything before coming to talk about it here.

Which process?
Is it the exact content of the log?
What is your setup?

I solved the problem by adding:


in the file /etc/gunicorn.conf.py

FTR, it was already reported and was closed and classified as “expected behavior”.