Create new changelog tables

Hello all

I am looking for information and feedback.
We need to track some activities in our ERP for Procurement processes. So we need to develop a changelog table that will track Purchase Order changes: price changes, quantity changes, payment terms, send purchase orders…
Do we have feedback about the impact of this development in Tryton? Impact on performance for instance.

Thanks in advance for your help

Not sure to understand what you mean by changelog table but I guess it can be about activating the history on same models. This is have small cost that mainly add one SQL query per INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries on the model.

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thanks you very much Cédric. Any idea on the potential “issue of performance” when adding such history in the ERP?
If I have a lot of Purchase orders and a lot of Insert/update/delete activities on this items, that could create latency?

See my previous comment

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