Couple of question regarding uninstall and some features

Hi guys

I was able to create and run tryton(server and the client) on my pc running win10 and added some module but now i want to completely uninstall the server and all modules. Is there a guide to do this?

What is UoM? Im trying to figure out how to make this work. Im selling slippers t shirts and briefs but nothing in the selection fits

I wanna know how to activate module using cmd prompt. Currently using the client way but want to know how to do this in cmd prompt.

Also when i install the tryton client using pip install tryton im met with an error that i need ms visual c++ 14.0. I already installed what i think is the thing it ask but still encounter the error. In the app installed window i have the ff:
Ms visual c++ 2010
Ms visual c++ 2013
Ms visual c++ 2015-2019
Are these the correct one or not?

A ‘unity’, a ‘kilogram’ or something like these are examples of that. You can check out the official documentation for more info.

Again, through official documentation you’ll get the info you need.

I don’t think this would be a Tryton related problem.

And please, remember for the next time the workflow we try to follow in this community:

  • First, check out the official documentation
  • Second, to search for your questions in discuss before publish a new one
  • And finally, if your question has not been find out an answer open a topic per question


No idea, but as the Tryton client is 32bits (there is also 64bits in the making) I assume that you also have to install the 32bit version of Visual C++.

I would advice against doing that. You can download the most recent version (Tryton - Get Tryton) of the client and just install it. Only if you want to start development on the client you need those packages etc. And even then it’s advised to do the development on GNU/Linux because it’s way easier to get everything up-and-running.