Cost Price not listed on Products By Location


I have the follow issue if I create the product after the 6:00 P.M.

I created a product, adjusted quantity and checked Products by Location.

Quantity is displayed correctly but not “Cost Value” until I change the date one day, from 18/01/2023 to 19/01/2023.

I use GTM-6 in the server and use PYTZ to Timezone (America/Guatemala) in company. But if I don’t change the date it isn’t displayed correctly. I’m using 6.2.2 version.


Please fill a bug report, the problem is that Product.get_cost_value convert the date into datetime for history but it does not take care of the company timezone like Product.get_multivalue of product_cost_history does.

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Please provide the link to the bug you filled.

Here is the link of the issue.