Consumable products when completing inventory

Greetings, I am requiring when using the complete button of the logistics/inventory module you can also bring me the products that are marked as consumables.

I have seen that they are against this practice but I would like to know how I could implement it without altering the tryton core

all opinions are welcome.

I’m not sure which version are you using, but reading the tryton code I see that consumable products are ignored when completing lines.

I don’t know if you didn’t understand me, but what I want is that when I press the complete button, I can also bring up the products that are marked as consumables and not ignore them.

I am using version 6.0.0

Then do not mark such product as consumable if you want to manage the stock quantity.

Pero si lo requiero tener marcado como consumible.
que podría hacer?

Desmarcar como consumible y ya te saldra