Consolidation reports


In multi-company environment, there are often the need of having a consolidated reports. Those reports are the same as the standard ones but grouped for a set of companies. The inter-company transactions should be excluded.


We could re-use the same concept as the Account Type group Account. It will be a Meta-Account Type that groups a list of Account Type of different companies.
The reports are like “Balance Sheet” and “Income Statement” using a context which also contains a selection of companies. This selection will be used to select the types to be summed and to filter out the inter-company transactions (by overriding Line.query_get).

To identify the inter-company Moves, a new field will be added on the Move that references another company. This field will always be editable to correct the consolidate reports (just like the analytic).
The field could be filled automatically when posting an invoice if the party is another company.


I’m wondering if we should not use a checkbox on the invoice to give some flexibility. This checkbox could be automatically filled when a party is selected. But it could still be changed after.
But maybe it is too much as far as we can edit the inter-company field on the move at any time.

In case of using diferent currencies on each company, it will be possible to sum out the values also?

I guess the report will need to have a currency context and make the proper conversion when needed using the current rate.