Connecting thalmus server from tryton client

I want to conect thalmus server from tryton client using node confrigration. please tells me which user name password given here. database of fedtarion database.

What is “thalmus server”?

federation server of tryton

Tryton does not have that.

its thalamus server in spelling

IIRC Thalamus is a component of GNUHealth which is based on Tryton.
You should ask the GNUHealth mailing list to know more about Thalamus.

Hope this helps!

dont have any info about mailing info of GNUhealth.

See GNU Health - Mailing Lists [Savannah]

I have setup Federation Sever and Tryton GNU Health. Now i want to connect the Tryton to Federation Server and getting authentication error

please check our issue why tryton not connecting to federation server