Connecting Android App to tryton server

Hi All,
I am still learning Tryton, so forgive my ignorance. However, I am trying to connect an android app to Tryton Server hosted on AWS ( basically GNUHealth package), and I am not sure how to go about it, what do I need to send to the server, if I send user-id and password will that be enough.
Any pointers in this direction would be appreciated.

It depends on which data you want to connect but normally you setup the android application to send request directly to tryton. Probably you want to create an user application to allow your androind application interact with tryton.

If you are interested here is a video explaining how to conect mobile applications to tryton.

Thanks for the reply,
But basically i am trying to create an android version of Tryton Client.
Like tryton sao is a browser based client.

Then you should implement it using JSON-RPC, like we did for sao.

But please note that this will be a lot of effort and first you need to fully understand how other clients are developed to port it’s code to android.

I’m curious why you need such development. Is not sao usable enough on a mobile browser?

Any ideas from where to start looking.

You can start looking at our API reference so you can understand how to CRUD operations work on models.

Also it may be a good idea to read the sao (or tryton) source code in order to understand how clients are designed.

But this won’t be an easy task.

After sending session token , getting 411 length required error, what am i doing wrong any clue,

The trytond server always requires that the Content-Length header to be set. This is because we protect against too large requests.