Connect to PostgreSQL DB

I am unable to connect to the Postgre DB remotely. I suspect I do not have the Postgres database daemon set up and listening for connection on port 5432. Does anyone know the command to start the daemon and make it persistent Thanks!

systemctl start postgresql to start the daemon and systemctl enable postgresql to make it start on boot.

Thank you thats what I thought it was but I thought I had it wrong as this is the return

# systemctl start postgresql
Failed to start postgresql.service: Unit postgresql.service not found.

However my Tryton site is up and running

How did you setup tryton? Using docker images?

Yes Sir
Following and using these instructions

The tryton docker image uses the postgres docker image. So if you want to conect to it locally you should follow it’s instructions.

If you want to access the image localy you can use the psql command insede the postgres image.

Pokoli Thanks for the info. One more clarification to make sure I have the Database password correct when I run this cmd

docker run --link tryton-postgres:postgres -e DB_PASSWORD=mysecretpassword -it tryton/tryton trytond-admin -d tryton --all

The return will ask me to enter an Email address and the admin password.

The password entered at that point will be the admin / super user password for the PostgreSQL database correct?


No the password entered on the trytond-admin comand is the one of the admin user of the tryton database.

The password of the Postgres database is the one indicated in the DB_PASSWORD environment variable, which is mysecretpassword in your case

Thank you. Thats why the misunderstanding I should have changed



What is the best proper to change the the DB password with out breaking anything or the connection to Tryton Container?

You should backup your database, recreate the postgresql container with the new DB_PASSWORD environment variable and restore the database on the new created container.

Or you can connect to the database and change the password of the user postgres like explained in

Thank you Sirs. I will get it done!