Configuration of the Tryton application to specify the default company

Upon activating the company module, I was not presented with the initial company configuration and so appears there is no default company.

I followed this thread: but did not find the particular setting specified here.

I am running Tryton 7.0.1 in a Python 3.10 virtual environment & installed the version 7 modules using a script provided by edbo in this help request:

As I understand it correctly, you started with a complete empty Tryton system, so no modules installed. Then you activate the company module and start updating the database. In this case, Tryton should run some wizard to help you setup the company.

Personally I prefer to do it myself because some extra steps are needed. to get started.

But before you are able to do these steps, you have to install trytond_country and trytond_currency. Then the scripts are available and can be executed.

After that, you can create a new compay, see Change current company - #16 by edbo for more information.

It’s maybe a bit rough, bit hopefully it helps.

You can run them after as long as you create the needed countries and currencies with the proper ISO code. They will just be updated by the script.

What did not you find?

That is correct. After I had Tryton installed, I logged in as admin & then activated the modules which included Company, Country & Currency.

I am assuming these were already installed when I ran the script which parsed its way through the version 7.0 mudules.txt file & then after logging in as admin, I activated them. I tried to import the countries & currencies but it stated that proteus had to be installed. Is this the case?

In the indicated thread, it was stated that to create the default company, one had to create the default company by selecting Party → Configuration → Company. That is what is not found in the Tryton installation even after activating the installed Company module.

Yes, proteus is needed and also some extra packages (I don’t know which ones, but proteus will complain so you then know the name of the package). Proteus is the Tryton scripting client Tryton Scripting Client — Library to access Tryton server as a client which is used by the import scripts.

The topic you linked to is from 2020. Tryton has evolved and moved the company configuration under it’s own main menu. That’s the reason why you didn’t find it.

Better use official Company documentation

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I installed Proteus wthin the Tryton virtual environment but could not get anywhere with the import commands as the response states that Proteus has to be installed to run the script. Was unsuccessful in my search for help using Proteus to run the import company & currencies scripts.

Scratch this. I used what I should have just went and done…pip install proteus. All is good with running the scripts.

I wasn’t sure the Company selection within the client was the same thing & thought that it may have been something that was supposed to have been installed.

Hi edbo, I performed the above steps & ensured that everything was installed bur am still experiencing not eing able to pull in the company information when adding employees or associating a user with a company. The company dropdown does not populate with the company name.

I also followed this thread but when choosing to add a company, after entering the company name and selecting the next input box for Currency, the company name disappears & even though I chose to save the information, the new company does not appear. Obviously I’m not doing something correctly.

That’s really weird. Can you try this on and see if it works there?

Yes, it does the same thing Selecting Company…New…Input the company name on the Party line, move to Currency & once the currency is selected, the Party (company name)disappears rendering an unusable record. If I am doing the correctly, the behavior is the same as my installation

Thanks for testing.

The Party field is a link to a Party. So you have to first add you company details as a party. So go to Parties -> Parties and create a new party. Enter your company details and save it. Then in Companies -> Companies add your newly created party in the Party.

Hopefully we can then party :partying_face: because it worked.

That helped. I can see it is going to require a lot of familiarization with how Tryton works. Would be really helpful if there is user documentation that goes through the configuration of the program usage.

Nice to hear it worked.

I have once created a Tryton cheat sheet on A0 paper format. One half showed the windows and menus, the other all the fields and their icons. Generally speaking the interface is not that difficult but you have to understand how the fields work and where the icons are for. I will see if I can find it in my pile of digital garbage and update it to the newest version.

See, in certain places it lacks a deeper level, because of the modularity of Tryton. Modules depend on each other or not which makes it hard to write more general documentation. And sometimes this kind tutorial style documentation is rejected.

Maybe you have seen it already, I have created a set of documents on how to install Tryton. It can definitively be improved, so try it out and let me know what you are missing.

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