Conditional Tax rule


In some countries the sale of some products are not always subject to VAT.
For example in Corsica (department of France) the sale of wines produced in Corsica to the Corsica inhabitants is not subjected to the VAT.


Modifiy module account_tax_rule_country
Define a new module account_tax_rule_product


Module: account_tax_rule_country

  • from_subdivision (many2one of country.subdivision)
  • to_subdivision (many2one of country.subdivision)

Module: account_tax_rule_product

  • product_category (many2one of product.category filtered by ‘accounting == True’)

Add as a condition the membership of the article to the selected category or to one of these children.

I think we have settle in Add subdivisions to match account tax rule that subdivision will be in account_tax_rule_country.
So we have here a module that add category as criteria to account_tax_rule_category.
I think it should be limited to accounting category and match with children categories.