Comparison fields for report


With the new design for report, I think we can define a pattern for comparison of report fields.
Most of the time, such reports show Function fields that depends on the context and for some reports users want to be able to compare those computed fields with the same field but computed with a different context.
For example, the Balance Sheet is often compared with the Balance Sheet of the previous year.


Here is the proposed design for such feature:

  • Add a new Function field with the same definition but suffixed by _cmp and using another getter.
  • The comparison getter Function is just calling the original getter but converting all context keys ending by _cmp by removing the _cmp. But if the comparison key is not set in the context, it just return None without calling the original getter (for performance).
  • Add to the context Model, a comparison boolean field and a copy of all context keys that influence the original Function field but suffixed by _cmp. All those new fields should be invisible if comparison is not checked.


This proposal is designed to allow easy extension if the original Function field start to use more contextual keys. Because it will be just a matter to define the same new context field suffixed by _cmp.
Also it is safe guarder because if new context field for comparison is not created then simply the original one will be used.
Finally, the comparison context fields are chosen by the developer. He can decide to not allow to change a specific field for the comparison (For example: the filter on posted move).

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An implementation example for Balance Sheet and Income Statement is available at Issue 5426: Add comparison amount on Balance Sheet and Income Statement - Tryton issue tracker