Communication - documentation

First of all, congratulations on all the work around Tryton.
I would like contribute to promote this soluce and this community.
I place a lot of importance on communication and documentation to attract customers and talent to use this solution; for proof of concept Symfony success story.
I can explain to myself the success of symfony by a documentation which allowed me to integrate the adventure by allowing me to integrate its concepts step by step, with a cockbook kind of use case
I wonder if it would be technically possible to offer multilingual documentation and as Tryton is a management tool that would be organized as follows:

  • for attract lead: first: documentation for users with use cases. I am interested in participating with this documentary aspect
  • for attract talent: second: documentation for developers with the following paragraphs:
    light description of the architecture and role of each project
    cookbook to install> develop a module from a to z
    as a developer who likes step-by-step learning i can be a tester of this documentation
  • third: adminsys or ops

thank a lot

Hi Delphine,

Thank your for such nice word about Tryton :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We cleabrat your wish to be part of our community, specially in the documentation side which is something that we need to improve for sure.

I think we need first on having a good documenation in English and latter start thinking on translating it to other languages.

We have success stories for now. Is that what are you talking about or something diferent?
BTW: Anyone can contribute a success story :wink:

There is a developer tutorial in progress. Honestly, I will like to continue working on it but there are some desing choises to be decided before going further.

Last but not least, we have a how to category where we try to document most comment process for users, developers or even sysadmins. A trust level of 2 is required to post directly there, but it is possible to anyone to contribute a draft howto which will be reviewed and posted once agreed.

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Why? it seems to me that there are solutions that automatically transforms? the best is the enemy of the good, isn’t it :slightly_smiling_face:?

I expressed myself poorly, I was thinking more about the generic description of use cases

Thank, i will watch.
i’m not quite comfortable with mercurial yet how can i get the patches so i can read the documentation?

I tought you were talking about manually translating.
I’m not very fan of automatic translations but anyone can activate them online. So we do not need to take care of that.

Probably this will be part of the how-to documentation already comented.

We have a git mirror on github but as tryton is composed on several repositories I will recomend using mercurial which will make it easier to get all the source code.

You will need first to get the source code. This is explained on our website.

Then you just need to download the raw patch using the Download as RAW link of the codereview.

Once downloaded you can apply it using patch or hg import --no-commit

I usally use:

curl | patch -p1

To apply a patch in a single line. You just need to update the URL to the proper RAW url.

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I first thought of the manual, but while waiting for an automatic translation seems to me a first step ?. From my point of view, not all Internet users have in mind the possibility of using an online translation tool and in terms of user experience, I think it would be more comfortable

I will prefer to no start bulding the house from the roof. We need first to have the proper documentation (we are still missing a lot of modules). Once we get there, we can start thinking in translations.