Commissions On Paid

Trying the commission module I can’t get it working well or something I’m not understanding. When I do a sale with a Agent with a commission plan On Payment, I make the Shipment and then I Post the Invoice. As I understood already the commission must not be created because the Invoice is already Posted (not Paid yet). But in fact the Pending Amount of the Agent its there with the commission waiting for me to Create Commissions Invoices. This using the 5.0 demo, at 5.4 the situation is totally different, at that demo the commission never is created.
At my own 5.0 DB also occcurs as the 5.0 demo.
Is this a bug? I understand it in that way…
Thanks in advanced.

The commission is always created when the invoice is posted (because it is the plan at this time that must be used). But when it is configured “on paid”, the due date of the commission is only set when the invoice is paid. The wizard to create commission invoice from commission line asks for a date that will be used to only select commission due before it.

I’m going to use it more. I hope to understand it.

Perfect @ced ! It’s working, I was not setting the dates at the wizard. After your explanation about the way of working I could undersood where I was wrong.
Thank you very much!

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