Collect checks using account payment


When a company receive a check, it must register it but not yet as a accounting move because the check may not be provisioned. It can be booked once the bank convert it in cash on the bank account (which means when the bank statement show it). This applies to any kind of check.
This workflow is very similar to the payment and statement. So I think with some fine tuning on the payment module, it can be used to collect checks.


  • Simplify the workflow for receivable payment. There is no need for approval. Thus we should use 2 different menu entries for each kind.
  • When filling a receivable payment and selecting a party, the receivable account (if clearing is activated) should be filled automatically (there is no point to select already a move line).
  • The account on payment should be limited to account of type receivable (or payable), just like for the move line.
  • The clearing move should be created on process in draft and not posted automatically if the payment is not succeeded.


Just for information, we’ve been receiving checks and have been processing them easily for a while, perhaps due to the French account plan (5112x) and account_payment_clearing.

With a payment journal created (‘Remise de chèques’), having a compensation account of 5112x,
when a check arrives we ‘pay’ the line with this journal specifying the date of when sent to the bank.

When the check clears, the bank statement line simply selects the account 5112x and the payment group created with the ‘Remise de chèques’ where upon the 5112x account gets reconciled as well as the invoice move line with the payment line.

How would this workflow be simplified? That is, it was pretty simple to set up already.

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