Closing IRC channels

Since we have channels on discuss, I think we could close the IRC channels.
There are not much activities on the channels. And I found it does not worth the maintenance cost for irclog.

The plan would be to keep a ChanServ on the current IRC channels but forbid to join it by setting an invite list limited to administrator. This would prevent the channel to be taken by unrelated people.

I see more activities on IRC than in discourse chat

How much is the cost it?

Because it is currently advertised.


I do not understand why you answer to “What is the cost”, when I asked “How much is the cost”?

I do not think so. We have a telegram channel in Spanish which is not advertised on the oficial page and it is more active than the IRC which is advertised.

Personally I do not connect anymore to the IRC channel.

I do no longer use IRC.

I connect to the IRC channel and it is much more visible for me than the discuss channels (which also require to be accessed by browser).

On channels there is a settings menu where notification can be configured.
But as I’m admin, I do not know if it is available to all users.

At least I didn’ t find that option.

Here is the website update proposal: Replace IRC by chat (!109) · Merge requests · Tryton / Communication / Website · GitLab

As a newcomer I can say that the name “Organisation” on chat channel is misleading. I had access the IRC channel as well, but I had the impression that it was something internal and not a place for a quick question when you get stuck.

You can join the support channels

There is no need to close the IRC channel as it is maintained by anyway. And there are still people hanging around there.

Feel free to shutdown/remove irclog, I agree in not being worth the cost.

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