Client GTK Windows 5.0.6 connection Impossible

Hi All,

I migrated my tryton to 5.0 from 4.2.
I connect to my database perfectly with SAO, but i can’t connect with the Client GTK 5.0.6 Windows, A message “Can’t connect to the server” appears.
But it’s very strange because the Client GTK windows 4.8.11 show me on profile page “wrong server version”.

I use the docker tryton server 5.0 version from the docker’s repository.

Can i show a detailled message with the windows client ? I attempt to add -v or --log_level but i didn’t find a log.

PS i tested also windows client 5.05, 5.0.4, 5.0.3, 5.0.2 without success

Thanks in advance

If you are using the docker image you can test that the server is correctly running by using the web client (which is configured on the image). You should open http://<your_server_ip>:8000 on your favourite browser to test if it’s correctly running

Hi Sergi,

Thanks for your response. But sorry, I mentionned at the beginnig that i can connect with sao (with my browser) and it works but not with the gtk.
During the migration i tested (4.4, 4.6, 4.8) the gtk worked but not on version 5


Here are some possibilities to investigate:

  • you have a previous 5.0 configuration files which enforce/or not SSL with you server (see known_hosts).
  • an IPv4 vs IPv6 issue.
  • a firewall /anti-virus that block tryton to access the network (you can try to connect to demo to test).

Now the error message “Could not connect to the server” appears when the client can not fetch the database list. Normally you should see the reason with -l DEBUG.

Awesome ! I delete the folder, still the same the error.
I copy from my 4.8 it’s OK !!!
Profils.cfq contains
host = ip:port
database = nameofdatabase
username = login

know_hosts contains

Thanks !!

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