Changing party identifiers under certain conditions

Hey guys, I hope everybody is doing OK.

I have a question related to the way users can change party identifiers after the party, being a client, has been issued invoices.

So, after a party has been created, as a client, with certain party identifier and issued an invoice afterwards, Tryton users can only change its party identifier, being for example a VAT code, if the party identifier is empty or if it’s filled with 999 999 999, otherwise Tryton mustn’t accept the change. So if a valid party identifier has been saved to a party and it has invoices, Tryton do not accept changes on the party identifier.

My question is whether I need to extend the party module or I can make it work just tweaking some privileges or some rules.

Any thoughts on this?

As always thank you so much for all your great work.

I think it is a general feature that could be in standard. But instead I would forbid to change an identifier that has been used on an invoice and made identifier deactivable.

Hello @ced, thanks for your reply

So, it looks like I should extend the party module, right?

As you said, it sounds even better than I was thinking. I could try to implement it as I’m gonna be using the feature as soon as it’s available. Let me know what should I do to implement it :wink:

Thanks guys

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