Change the status of multiple delivery notes via the actions menu

As well as in the invoice window, you can select multiple invoices in the list view and post them in bulk. Is it possible to do the same in the internal packing slip list view? Example. I need to go from the reserved state to finished several delivery notes at the same time, but I cannot find the option “finalize” in the actions menu, it is only possible when the delivery note is in form mode. Any suggestion?

This is not implemented on Tryton on purpose. As the user is doing shipments one by one (it is not possible phisically to do more than one) we prefer that they encode the data on real time (as this prevents other users to pick wrong shipments).

Why are you requesting such feature?

It happens that there are many delivery notes to attend and several employees, each one prints 2 or 3, they go to the shelves to look for the products and when they return they must mark the various delivery notes they attended as finished and doing it 1 by 1 takes them a long time .

Picking from the shelves is different from the packaging.
Indeed you can separate the two from being done per shipment by doing wave picking. This is partially supported with Issue 4909: Wave picking - Tryton issue tracker. So you will have one internal shipment to pick and than multiple customer shipment to just pack.

What is missing to implement wave picking?

Now we just have a single wizard for generating all request, but for such case it make be interesting to generate just internal shipments for the way picking.
Also probably it’s worth to just have a cron job so the internal shipment is generated automatically.

What else?

I do not think it should be managed by cron but we must have explicit wave creation as it depends on the availability of the workers.

You mean that we may ask for the number of outgoing shipments to fullfill?
So if there are just 1 oneworker that can manage 12 shipments, only 12 shipments should be created?

No but there is no point to create a wave every 15 min. if there is no worker available for example during 1 hour. If you do so you will have 4 internal shipments waiting instead of just one when someone is available.

After that there maybe some constraint to split the created shipment to limit for example the weight or the distance etc. But this is probably to be left for customization.