Change name of wizard dynamic label in wizard

When you execute a wizard, the name of the wizard becomes the name defined in the code. Added to that is the id of record. Is there a possibility to overwrite this behaviour? So change the name of the wizard to the name I want? E.g. “My post ((433209))” becomes “Posting invoice with number 20182938”.

Also you can add a label-tag with a string="…" Can this text also be dynamically generated? E.g. I want to display some information to the user like “You want to post invoice with , you have marked the party <party.rec_name> to send the invoice by email (<party.emailaddress>)”.

What are my options here?

Normally, it is not the id of the record but the rec_name (which is the id as fallback).

Not for now.

This will be complicated because the client has only some values of the record. And it will be quiet expansive to fetch dynamically more values. It may be complex with the translations as keyword may be placed differently. Also wizard can run on multiple records so what would be the syntax for a list of records.

Why not showing those information as field with a verbose label?