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Our company is a coffee roasting company. We source different kinds of green coffee beans from different kinds of suppliers. Currently, we input all green coffee beans as separate purchasable products. We do the same thing with roasted coffee beans as separate producible products. We have to create each BOM for each products, especially when we outsource the production. Is there a way to create one generic BOM or a BOM template for all of the products?

For each roast batch, there will be a depreciation of about 15% maximum on average in weight. We agreed to set it at 20% of depreciation, the difference between the actual depreciation rate and 20% will be used for our internal quality control. If we buy 1000 different kinds of green coffee beans, we will have 1000 different BOMs for what is essentially the same BOMs. Having a BOM set for ‘Green Coffee Beans’ category as the input and ‘Roasted Coffee Beans’ category as the output would simplify things.

Thank you very much.

There is not such generic way to define template.

You need to make some customization on the products with something like a wizard to automate the generation of the BOMs quantities and also assignation of the bom to the product.

But at the end, you will end up having 1000 BOMS for each 1000 products. But as I said, some part can be automated.

There have been for sometimes now, the idea that it should be possible to define BoM using product (template) instead of variant (product).
But it is not yet very clear how to select/propose the right variant. We probably need to create a customizable rule engine.

Very well then. We’ll stay with the current workflow until perhaps as @ced had said, the idea materialised. And we will look at creating the wizard to automate BOM creation for each product. That will do for now. Thank you very much both for your responses.

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