Can't create IF statement on .odt report

Hi, I’ve a dummie doubt: How can I use the IF statement inside a .odt report?
I’ve tried to use hyperlinks (in the template file): relatorio://if=“data.BoolVar” and relatorio:///if around the desired data, and other variations, with no success, can someone point me to the rigth direction?

In ODT you must (recomanded) use “Text Placeholder” (CTRL+F2) with the “Placeholder” value being if test="data.BoolVar" and of course another closing one with /if.

The hyperlink usage (which is used with relatorio://if test="data.BoolVar") is supported mainly for spreadsheet where “Placeholder” does not exist.

Thanks for the quickly answer, this really solved.
Also, congrats by the awesome work :facepunch:

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