Cannot delete a record from custom model


I just created a custom model which is having many2one relation with Supplier Shipment
when I try to delete a record from custom model I cannot delete it . there is no error at all

You probably override the ModelStorage.delete method without calling super().

I have created a simple custom model … how can I know wether I have override the ModelStorage.delete ?

Here is my code

    def __setup__(cls):
        super(QualityControlPostproduction, cls).__setup__()
        cls._transitions |= set((
                ('draft', 'approved'),
                ('approved', 'draft'),
                ('draft', 'rejected'),
                ('rejected', 'draft'),

                'draft': {
                    'invisible': ~Eval('state').in_(['approved', 'rejected',
                    'depends': ['state'],
                'approve': {
                    'invisible': ~Eval('state').in_(['draft'
                    'depends': ['state'],
                'reject': {
                    'invisible': ~Eval('state').in_(['draft'
                    'depends': ['state'],

If your class has a method like:

def delete(cls, ...):

then you have overridden the ModelStorage.delete method.

Seems like it was my mistake … one of the users removed the delete permissions from the model access sorry for the trouble

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