Can you put TRADE NAME somewhere?

Can you put the COMMERCIAL NAME somewhere in the Third Party and then when you search, that information will appear?

I have seen that there is something out there like an idea that someone gave in 2020, but I don’t know if it was implemented or anything was done with this topic.

I guess you are looking for Sale Product Customer Module.

I have installed it, but I don’t really see where it adds fields to use it.

I don’t know if it places them outside the third party’s file.

It adds on the product form a list that you can fill with customers and their corresponding product name and code.

Oh, okay. Now I see it.

But it’s not what she needed.

I mean on the screen or Customer File.
Like Fiscal name and another field or something similar Commercial name.

This was what i meant:


  • My Bussines, SL (tax name)
  • Casa Herrera (trade name)

This way you could search for the company by any of the above names.

Sorry, I do not understand. You are mixing different concepts that do not make sense to me and you are using words that I can not relate to Tryton concepts like “Customer File”.

I mean the third party screen

I do not understand. What the the first and the second?

Are you talking about adding information about the company to allow, among other things, to edit documents with a different header?

I think the translation on my part has been wrong.

What I need (if a module or something has it) is not a field simply to search for the client. Afterwards, I don’t want that information in any document.

Than what do you need? Please explain what you need and not what you do not need.

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You’re probably looking for “Party Identifiers”.
In the tab “Identifiers” for the party, you can enter the VAT number but you can also add an identifier without any type.

That way when someone will search for Herrera, Tryton will find the record corresponding to “My Bussines, SL”.

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I have tried it @nicoe but it does not search later in the third party list when you do it from “Filters”.

You would need just one more field to place the business name, in addition to those that already appear on the third party screen.

And after having said field, you can filter it by filters in the third party list.

It won’t appear when you click on the “Filters” button but if you make a search using this name (just type the name in the search bar) it will work.

I understand that I would have to put some concept in “type”.
If I leave it blank it won’t look for it.

Sorry @nicoe.
You were right. Whatever you put in that tab appears later in searches.
It could be worth it to me

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