Can the update from Tryton 6.0 LTS to 7.0 LTS be done in one step?

Thanks for all your work.

Can the update from Tryton 6.0 LTS to 7.0 LTS be done in one step?
Do we have a comprehensive collection of commands required to do the update?

from 6.0 to 7.0 you need to make some manual migration steps. In you find each manual step which is needed to migrate from your version up to 7.0.
It is not needed to install every version in between of tryton (aka 6.2, 6.4, …) just the final version and the manual migration.

And thank you for making a backup of your database before you start the migration.

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Yes, I know that. But I think, it does not make any sense that any LTS user collects all the commands on his own. So I’m asking.

In case nobody did yet, I’ll do that - although I don’t think, with my extremely limited knowledge I’m not really THE person for this responsible job.

So I think, in the migration section we should have an entry “migration 6.0 > 7.0”.

We are not going to duplicate the content of every topic between.


I think, we’ll publish this on then.

I put a link at the end of each topic to point to the next topic such it will be easier to follow.


Imho, it would be simpler and more effective to create a forum topic here (e.g. “Detailed upgrade from 6.0 to 7.0”). This forum is the de facto source for Tryton information, and users with edge cases can add their own comments/experiences. Imho it is unrealistic for the Tryton project team as-is to provide the type of documentation you are requesting. However, and while not speaking for either the project team or foundation, I expect someone who wanted to specifically develop sysadmin and user documentation with the endorsement of the project team or foundation would not be turned away.

Regarding (because I did not find a way to comment on itself), statements such as ‘The team will be elected “somehow”’, and “members and contributors will decide on a more detailed governance as the project evolves.” without mention of how to become a member or contributor dilute the value of the site and discourage rather than encourage involvement.

Imho there is value and demand for the goals stated on (“Our Service”). It is more likely to be successful by staying true to those goals, and also as soon as possible to formalize membership and governance, and to provide the infrastructure to deliver on those goals. Trying to also be a documentation site will take away from its’ value as a common repository for community modules and will also fragment Tryton documentation. Until the Tryton project or Tryton Foundation provides or endorses a community-led source of documentation, I suggest this forum is the best location for the reasons I already stated.

Fwiw, I’m in the progress of writing “Working with Tryton”, a book which takes a visual approach to explaining common user workflows using step-by-step screenshots. It will be released in beta form on when the sales and purchasing workflows are completed (which should be by Christmas). The balance of the book will focus on manufacturing process, including BOMs and specifying part alternates. The completed book will continue to be available for free in digital form, which is only fair considering much of the content is or will be based on discussions here in the forum.


Indeed I will not be against a topic with such title as long as it link to each migration topic (and not repeat the information).
But for that we need someone that actually test such migration because we (the developers) only test from the previous to the next one (but normally there should be no problem).

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