Can’t establish a connection to the server

Hi I want to check the instructions before do it , that’s why am here to asking to don’t complicate things after .

from days am working normally on a linux server(debian) i have my own tryton on it , everything is good and normal from two hours ago when i gone to my browser to see my tryton en ligne there is nothing on browser when i put my own adress , There is an error that appears : Unable to connect

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

I do no why it happens that (i have the same version on my localhost but nothing like that happen), if can anyone tell me what are the reasons of that because everything is normal until today.

my suggestion to do is :
search the pid of tryton by the command :

ps aux | grep "tryton"

then kill the pid of tryton by the command:

Kill -9 <PID>
then go to my virtual environement and update the database with **tryton** by the command

trytond-admin -c <config file> -d <database name> --all

so if anyone here Encountered this problem on his server , did advice me to do those steps or what i have to do !

Personally I would do:

  1. Check that my PC actually has internet connection. ex: browse
  2. Go to the server and check if trytond is running … ex: ps -fea| grep trytond
  3. Check if port is listening netstat -nat | grep 8000.

take into account that your server should be runnig tryrond not tryton (server vs client), finally you need to start trytond using nohup or screen, otherwise ssh will kill the process once the session is closed.

Hi ,and why it happens to Suddenly the trytond stopped working , what can the reasons to avoid do them !

I think the right answer is don’t use it for production, it’s a development server so use uwsgi or gunicorn instead, you’ll find on this forum some examples for deploy tryton using those servers.

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