Can I use attachments with email?


I have add 2 attachments: 1 is a link , the other is a report.
so I want to know can i use the feature"attachments"

to send an extra report or a link with the email that sends this particular record/invoice when posting it or is the “attachments” is just we could use it to consult some data(report or link) related to a specific record?

If yes so How i can send those 2 extra attachments when i want to post a specific invoice by email?

Thanks in advance.

If you use the manual email, you can select some attachments to attach to the email you are composing (but only data attachment not link).
If you are using email notification, it is not possible because it is a generic tool and the number and order of attachments are random for each record. If you need to attach document to your automatic email, you need to define a report and use it as attachment.

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