Can i send a common email content to more than one recipient ID email of one party using the notification email

Hi Tryton Team;

I have an issue and I want to know if it’s possible to do it,
In contact mechanism (in party Module)I have marked the emails ID that i want to send them the email after posting the invoice by mark the “invoice” boolean field, system doesn’t respect this marking, and sends automatically the email with the invoice to the first email address that it founds,the one at the top of the list, regardless of this contact is marked with the invoice or not, it just send the invoice to the first one.

My Question Here is it possible that if i will mark the invoice field boolean in each contact mechanism exit in one party, i can send the email content after posting the invoice to all those contact mechanism emails ID marked, if yes how i can do that following the correct way!!

You need to set the field Contact Mechanism of your notification email to Invoice so the system will send the email to the first one marked as invoice.

Note that tryton by default just sends the email to the first recipient found.

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