Can i define an ID email as a cc on the config file?


I want to send an email with CC feature (i mean copy the email sent to another secondary email)

I have tried made this on the config file with "cc" feature but it does not work

uri = smtp+tls://
from =
cc =

also i have tried to choose on the feature Recipients Fallback User from the notification_email , the other email that i want it to be as a ““cc”” but no result , the email sent just to the parties who posted the invoice without be sent as a copy to the email that i have defined as a Recipients Fallback User .

I want to know How i can do that on the config filed to be like a permanently solution , if not so what i should choose on the module "notification email" to do that?

Thanks in advance.

There is no such configuration.

This is used as recipients if the original party has no email.

I guess you have to extend the _get_cc method of to include always the address in Cc.
Or you could setup you SMTP server to do that.

But this is strange why would you want such behavior?

Thanks @ced I have extend that on the notification email.

The idea was to copy each email sent to my own email to make sure that the email was sent.

Thanks again.

The notification store a log entry for each email sent. So you can check it from the relate action on each record.

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If you use the notification email module you can always add the write_uid as Recipients CC, which will send the copy of the email to the user performing the action. This will make the user aware that the email had been sent properly.

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