Calculate BOM cost?

Is there a way to calculate the total cost of a BOM, maybe from the Product/Variants General tab ,Cost Price?

There is a relate button on the variant to show the BOM Tree. This includes the list of components and quantites to produce a product but it does not include the cost price.

Do you think it makes sense to include the cost of each compnenet by it’s quantity and the total cost of the production there?

But this will not necessary give the cost of the product because:

  • there could be multiple outputs
  • it is missing the routing cost

Also the cost price of a production is not necessary linear (not supported in base but designed to allow such customization) so it may not be reduced to a single value.

I thought maybe there was a way and I was not seeing how it was done but I guess that is not so.

Thank you for the information.

Right but perhaps it is still a good idea to implement something like @pokoli says so user can see the ‘raw’ cost of the materials/components (not production, of course) just for user can query that info, don’t you?

You might be interested in the product_cost_plan modules:

Which allows you to compute the cost taking into account materials and routing costs (product_cost_plan_operation). The product_cost_plan_margin module allows you to apply different % on materials, operations and other concepts to compute a sale price.

Also they allow you to compute the cost of potential BOMs, that is, even if you don’t have input products created, which is useful to compute the sale price of a product that requires custom bom and processes.

Note, however that product_cost_plan_operation depends on the operation modules developed by NaN-tic which predate the ones in core and thus have some differences.

I agree. A useful number is the estimated cost by typical quantities : for ex: By 10, By 100 etc…

I will check it out.

Thank you for the suggestion.