Boolean "OR" broken?

I learned that I can search for
Article contains string xxx OR Article contains string yyy by
Article: xxx; yyy - separated with semicolon.

Now I get a result with search for “SKR” in a warehouse - the whole list with “SKR100x24” “SKR90x24” etc. And I get results for all the “SB” items.
But when doing a Artikel: SKR; SB search, the list is empty.

My fault - or a bug?


This form correspond to a in operator so it will find only product with the exact name ‘SKR’ or ‘SB’.

Arrrgh. Understood.

I grouped my articles by key phrases and measures, such as “SKR80x20” or “SKR64x24”; or “SB40x6” and “SB33x6”. Is threre another way to create a list of all “SKR” and all “SB” items at a time?

Article: xxx or Article: yyy

This will produce a OR domain testing both conditions

Thank you very much - this helps a lot.
Nevertheless, I need to say that the present behaviour is really confusing, counter-intuitive and frustrating.

My suggestion in general on this is to improve the search dialogue to have a more intuitive approach. Evolution PIM has got this dialogue to create mail filters, which may give some inspiration:

We could have a pop up selector for type of search criteria, a type in box for the search string, a “add more” button, a selector for the type of boolean - etc.
And finally a check box “save search” with a text box.

When exploring improvement of the search feature, please remember that at present (v6.0), AFAIK there is no search feature at all at general ledger, loss&earnings (and maybe some other of this type I’m not aware of.


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