Booking "private withdraw"/"deposit" by imported bank report // using cost center

A company has different parties/peoples as owners, so we use cost centers to keep track of individual expenses and income. Moreover we import bank reports to match and book transfers. So far everything is fine.
To book private withdraws we use a single account and relate the (correct) party by cost center. But, the way to handle this isn’t straight forward(?) First step is to open the line in the bank report and add a line for accounting. After creating those lines one has to (second step) go through all of these (acounting) lines and add the cost center. (Private deposit face the same “problem”).
My wish is to have the feature cost center available, when adding a line using the banking report … Or a hint to handle this task more “smoothly”.

For me it will be better managed by implementing an expense module like Expense reimbursement.