Bitbucket will remove support for mercurial

We mirror our mercurial repository on using a simple script that pull from and push to bitbucket.
I do not think we should migrate this mirror to git repository. We already have git mirror on github (the creation of new repository was never automated on Bitbucket).
So for me, we could just keep the mirror alive until Bitbucket stops them. Then we will deactivate the mirror script, remove the mirror option from
If someone has a proposal to add a new mercurial mirror on a hosting service, we can consider adding it.

We’ve got all our repositories in bitbucket so in a short time we have to take a decision about it. I’m curious to know what the rest of the partners with mercurial bitbucket repositories are going to do. Would be interesting to share our thoughts.

FYI our first option is to continue using mercurial in another hosting service or self-hosted server but we have a handicap with Drone CI due to by default doesn’t work with a self-hosted mercurial server(*) and the only mercurial hosting service included is bitbucket. :pensive:

After we evaluate the market options I can put my two cents in.

At the moment, move to git.

For those who wants to keep Mercurial. There are some options for hosting listed on
I think a drone drive for Kallithea should not be difficult to implement.
But there is also Heptapod which sounds promising as it adds to GitLab Mercurial support. And GitLab has its own CI.

Indeed with git there are more options.

Interesting, although GitLab server seems to be (or was) heavy and slow.

IIRC running the gitlab server required at least 4GB of ram but there is a hosted service that includes a free plan.

We’ve been using gitlab for a while and we are very happy with it. Specially for the integrated CI, which is easy to configure and works like a charm. The only pitty is that uses git instead of mercurial.

It has a good api (with a python wrapper), which can be used to dynamically create repositories. If you combine that with hg-git it’s possible to create a migration script that moves all the repositories from bitbucket to gitlab without losing any history.


FYI we moved to