Best practices for organizing journals, numbering movments,

Hello tryton community,

are there best practices for organizing accounting journals and numbering entries ? (I’m using the Belgian chart of accounts if this is relevant)

I mean, some things are organized for us when we define fiscal years and periods: the sequences for invoices, credit notes, and posted moves.

But for more generic accounting journals (notably miscellaneous transactions), how is this best done ?

One journal per year with its own sequence ?

Or is it better to have one multi-years journal with several sequences depending on the period ? Although I have not found the possibility to implement that latter system in tryton, but maybe I’m missing something.

And should those be sequences or strict sequences ?

Thanks for your input,


The sequence on journal is just to generate a number for the move. This is mainly to distinct moves until they are posted.
I personally see it as a relic of manual accounting but that accountant like to have. There is no best practice for it in Tryton because Tryton has not use for it.

The journal-sequence does not use the fiscal year in standard but it could be implemented. But I doubt there is a real benefit.

For move number we use non-strict sequence because it is not really important.

But for the post move sequence, we also use non-strict sequence but I’m wondering if we should not use a strict sequence.

you mean that it has no legal/regulatory accounting impact ? It’s just for us mere humans who need a way to identify the moves ? I thought that those journal entries needed to be numbered sequentially, so that controllers could verify that nothing dubious had taken place…

So if I understand correctly, I just use one big journal per type of move (miscellaneous transactions, vat, salaries,…), with a normal incremental sequence, and don’t care about the numbers being generated. They are just there so that I can identify the moves when needed ?

just to easily visually identify the moves pertaining to a specific fiscal period. But I guess I can filter per fiscal period or year in the different forms where this might be needed.


This is done by the posting number/sequence.

which is period dependent. Ok, now I see it, thanks.

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