Best Practice for data importation

Hi all,

Which is the best practise for import data.

For a demo, i would like to import article, party, customer, etc.

Thanks in advance.


I’d say that the best way is to create a custom trytond or proteus script. Proteus is a little bit simpler but slower so if you want to load a lot of data better go the trytond way.

Both alternatives will ensure data is checked against business logic so it is much better than direct database loads.

You can find an example of proteus script here: tryton-tools: f7c83f70489f
For trytond usage, the future console could simplify this usage as you will be able to pipe script into it: Issue 8126: Add console - Tryton issue tracker

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll try it next week.
it’s recommended to import only dictionnary like party, customer, or we can import order, delivery invoice, payement, accounting ?

It’s only for not rewrite manually documents for a beginning.?

Thanks in advance


You can import referential and operational records. But for operational, it is often more complex because they have workflows which often creates other records. Those created records may not match exactly your history.

proteus is also used for testing purpose.
And it happens that proteus is also used to automate some flow like importing bank statement etc.