Best Docker Hosting for Tryton Docker

Hello All, I am new to Tryton. I was wondering if anyone had an idea one a reasonable Docker hosting solution to get Tryton into the cloud. I set it up on docker playground so i could do a quick test but I want to run it full blown and dont want to have to move it again once I set it up. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks All.

Honestly , I use linode as hosting vps solution. It’s really good and affordable .

Thank you I’ll check into it. I have searching for Tryton recommend server specs as well.

The specs depens on the usage. Tryton consumes very low resources if you do not have so much data.

You may be able to run in on a 1GB RAM server but probably it will be better to have some more in case you need it.

I always recomend using SSD disks to have a better performance.

Hope it helps

Yes it does help. I am considering running the Docker on a windows 2019 server colocated. Tryton will end up with a fairly large DB after I get it setup and start importing data. I am thing 8Core Intel Proc with 24GB ram and 500GB SSD the datacenter will give me Static IPs. So I also want to figure out how to the Tryton to run under and point my DNS records from my registrar to the Static IP and also run my website on this server. Thanks!

Wow… Good place for a lot of Tryton’s… :grinning:

Well I need to host the website as well. I have not had time to look at how to integrate Tryton into a website. I am not really DevOp guy. I am a Sys Admin but I get around enough to try and tackle the set up and such. Thanks I do like your community. I am located in the US in Kansas City.

You are right I went with Linode there support even answered on a holiday. They have Data centers here in my country. Thank you for the advice. They are a great choice and I may even get a MineCraft server for the Grand Daughters from them! Thanks!