Automatically numbering lots

Currently when producing products which require a lot the number must be explicitly set. But most of the time the lot number can be autogenerated using a sequence as the proupose of this field is to link the products with the production, so all the components and operations can be easly found.

This is specially usefull when working with serial numbers.

I think we should allow to set a lot sequence on production configuration and use this sequence to automatically create a lot for each output product that requires a lot if not set

As this may not be usefull for all tryton setups probably this should be part of a new module.


I think this should be implemented, because serialising/lot a product is a common task.

A little side note:
Rign now stock move can have only a lot. When you want to serialise inbound product, you need to split the move. This is quite tedious. Maybe using a sequence can be a solution here.

Side-side note (almost off-topic):
What about supporting sequences based on uuid?
This can be useful for integrating a hybrid workflow, like pre-printing uuid sticker to affix to product/stock, or having a sticker printed on demand via tryton.

I think the configuration should be set per producible product (and even maybe per product-bom) because it is quite common that the production number format depend on this.

Ok but I think it will be good to also have a default value for it so simpler cases can be easly managed.

there is already a module doing this from NaN-tic:

I’m using this since a few years. could be at least a place to start with…