Automatic currency rate update set to 0

Happened to find the “trytond_import_currencies” script, and the exchange rate feature.
Nice indeed. My crons are doing their job, but what I get for all currencies is a rate of “0,000000”. Do I need more setup to make it work?

I guess you are missing some base currency or you have something not properly configured.
Could you share how did you configured the update?

Hm. I didnt do anything special. Here you see what I counfigured in “scheduler > actions” and “currencies”. Euro’s rate is set to “1”.

Would I need more?

You must configure a Schedule Rate Updates.

I thought that’s what is displayed in 2nd screenshot above?

This is the general task but you have to configure the schedule for each source etc.

I think you missed the Currencies -> Scheduled Rate Updates menu. There you have to create the data to update a currency. You select a source where to download the rates how often and for which currency. Then you add the different currencies you want the rates for.

Running the scheduled task will then take that information and updates your currency rates.

Please apologize - I still do not understand. I could neither find a
Currencies > Currencies > Scheduled Rate Updates menu nor a
Currencies > Scheduled Rate Updates menu

Do I need another module - or is it advanced blindness…?

It depends :wink: To me it seems you have the Currency module installed otherwise you didn’t have the option in the task scheduler. But I think you are logged in as a ‘normal’ user, but that user is not in the Currency Administration group. I checked on the demo server and indeed the default demo_XX users are not in the Currency Administration group and then you don’t see the Currency menu.

Well, I am “admin”, and admin has got access permission to currency administration. So there may be another reason.

Hmm, weird, you are admin and you are in the Currency Administration group and you don’t see Currency in the main menu at the side?

Thanks for your patience. This is how the menu looks like:

Bildschirmfoto von 2022-05-05 12-25-40

“Währungen” translates to “currencies”.

I just logged in into the as admin and added the German user demo_de to the Currency Administration group. Then I logged out and logged in as demo_de and I see this.

Screenshot from 2022-05-05 22-26-51

So there is something wrong with your installation. On what version are you and what happens when you switch to ‘English’ language? Did you somehow manage to add an access right :wink: ?

Well, I’m von v6.0. Not change when I switch to English.
These are permissions of admin (=me):

Bildschirmfoto von 2022-05-08 11-11-35

I’m not aware of having changed anything there - but I cannot be 100% certain.

What happens when you do a database update for the currency module?

trytond-admin -c <your_config.conf> -d <your_database> --update=currency -vv

It seems that the rate scheduler is introduced in version 6.0. Also check the version of your currency module.

Currency module is v6.0.1
This is the output of the command you requested:

Do you mind to create a new empty database, initialize it and install the currency module and see if the menu item appears?

There is nothing which could case the issue. Can you compare your Currency Administration group with the one on
Mostly the tab Access permissions, check these.

Also do you have custom modules installed? Not the Tryton ones, but from other parties. If so, check these also because it can be possible that there is a group who toke the menu so it will not be shown when not in that group.