Association membership fee as a product

I’ve deployed Tryton for an association and I would like to define membership fee as a product to be able to include the fee to the first annual invoice.
Unfortunately, I’m not able to define the account 730000 in the accounting config for the category, because only accounts numbered 70… are available.

Maybe I’m misunderstand implications, but is this possible to bypass or is it a limitation?

I’ve seen htgoebel/trytond-association: Fork and extension of of - trytond-association - and Infrastruttura / Tryton / mittelab_association · GitLab but for the moment I think I would prefer not to use third party modules and I’m using version 6.4.

Which country account plan ?

Belgium (account_be)

I guess the problem is due to the type of account 73000 not having the revenue checkbox set.

Checking this type should make the account available.

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Revenue checkbox was indeed unchecked for the type.
I don’t know why but using tryton client I was not able to check it. Even with the administrator account, the checkbox was readonly. But using the web interface it works. Maybe it’s a bug, I’l try to reproduce to report if I can.
Btw problem solved! Thanks

If the type comes from an account chart it is expected.
You will see a “Template Override” checkbox which allows to customize the values for the current database.
Otherwise the values from the account chart will be always used.

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