Assign product suppliers

When assigning a supplier to a template, the supplier is not assigned to product until you select on the supplier the product.
Another thing of the current method is that for the user is quite strange that when we are creating the template if you try to fill the supplier for the product you can’t as is not yet saved.

Can we find some solution?
Maybe assigning on create / on write the suppliers from the template to all products? As if you select something for the template you want it for all the variants, if the supplier will be only for a product user will set it on the variant instead of assign it on the template.

This is the expected behavior.

Create the supplier on the variant is you want it on the variant.

I know it’s the expected behavior because I know how it works internally, but the end user don’t understand why sometimes is able to select the variant and others (template is not yet saved) can’t.

So making 5 extra clicks in the cases when there’s only one variant seams slow for the user.

  • Open relate
  • Select variants
  • Open the form variant
    … Setting supplier
  • Save variant
  • Closing product tab